Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Episode 6: Gateway To China Epics Special

Hope listeners have built up some anticipation because the Infant Island Podcast is about to go EPIC. Months in the preparation, join Mike & Jenny as they chat up two of their favorite, and earliest brushes with grand scale historical films centered on the colorful and tumultuous last century of China. From Bertolucci's Oscar winning giant, The Last Emperor, and rounding out with Chen Kaige's Cannes sensation, Farewell My Concubine! It's an imperial love fest as they examine both films, and seek out what led modern Chinese cinema to where it is now.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Episode 5: 2003 - The Year Korean Cinema Broke

And so 2011 barrels in with a chat that has perhaps been a-brewing since we first became friends. Jenny and I reminisce about the tail end of the asian cinema boom with a loving tribute to a pair of South Korea's finest filmmakers with their respective breakthrough films that took place in the fateful year of 2003. Join us, as we take in memories and feelings regarding Bong Joon-ho's period thriller Memories Of Murder, as well as Chan-wook Park's pile-driving middle chapter to his Vengeance Trilogy, Oldboy!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Episode 4: Love In The 90's (HK Style)

Mike & Jen return with a hard left change of pace, as they explore two films dealing with not only life as Hong Kong was about to leave British rule, but with relationships sprouting from this strange & at times trying era. To films with much to say regarding love, fate, and the possibilities that chance meetings present, whether it be on the island itself, or that one driving dream.

Infant Island comes of age (early?) as they tackle Peter Chan's Comrades: Almost A Love Story(1996) & Wong Kar Wai's Happy Together(1997)

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Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Monster Time! (Gojira Vs. Gamera)

What more can be said? After a prolonged hiatus, the Infant Island duo return with a long-awaited rumble in the jungle as they take on two titans of the tokusatsu world with Ishiro Honda's kaiju classic, Gojira(1954) and Noriaki Yuasa's memorable Dai Kaiju Gamera(1965). It's a one of a kind Halloween surprise as Mike & Jenny seek out the ultimate question...Which monster reigns supreme?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Of Monsters ( Jurassic Park & The Monsters Of Spielberg)

At long last, here is a spirited Summer Edition of Adventures On Infant Island where we rally in the glory of air conditioned theaters and celebrating the recent viewing of some of Steven Spielberg's classic monster flicks. We cover a little of his early material such as Duel & Jaws as portent to a big ol hugfest for his adaptation of Crichton's Jurassic Park, and also get into a little about the sequel. Yes, we've been working our way through the Jurassic Park Adventure Pack DVD, and just had to share thoughts as well as some fond memories. Listen as Jenny glows like a firefly over kids in danger! Yes. We're all about taste here on Infant Island, so join us wont you?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Expedition Begins: Pilot Episode (Back To The Future)!

Behold, a rough & ready premiere episode of an all-new take on videophile podcasts! On Infant Island, we are sharing the bounty of geek milestones of the past, and unleashing them upon a fresh young mind. Your hosts Mike (wintermuted) Olivarez & Jenny Park invite you to revisit some of the most important geek properties in media, to entertaining result.s So, dive in, explore the experiment. And enjoy our first journey, chatting the Robert Zemeckis classic, Back To The Future!